Kriti MASTOR is an enterprises software solution to manage multiple Stores, Inventory Materials and Assets of organizations. The solution takes care of total Business Process Management lifecycle of Material Acquisition, Accounting and Administration in a totally paperless environment from a Cloud platform.

Kriti MASTOR is an Online enterprises software solution to manage Stores, Materials and Assets in a comprehensive and smart fashion. The solution is built on a true web based technology to support multiple Branches, Divisions and Establishments of Institutions.

Kriti MASTOR facilitates to reduce inventory cost by managing the stock efficiently in a perfect and intelligent manner. The solution facilitates several material management business process functions.Online Indent processing, Multiple Approvals, Purchase Order Management, Online Stores Accounting, Materials Inward, Material Inspection, Material Issues, Assets Management etc . Multi Location Stores Accounting and Management Information Systems make MASTOR an ideal solution for institutions. Kriti MASTOR consists of the following Modules

  • Online Materials & Inventory Management

  • Online Purchase Order Management

  • Online Stores Accounting

  • Online Assets Management system

  • Calibration Monitoring and Management